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We specialize in container work handling imports and exports through the port and rails in Montreal.  We provide continuous communication and impeccable service to our customers, ensuring that your goods, dry or refrigerated, arrive on time and without a hitch throughout all of Quebec and Ontario.

What We Do?

With over three decades of combined port experience we work with you on the best solutions to move your containers to and from the Port of Montreal, and/or CN + CP rails, to and from your facilities.


Year history

We’ve been in the game long enough to know communication, punctuality and consistency are extremely valuable pieces to your supply chain.


Total deliveries

Between staying up to date on changing schedules and regulations, navigating terminals and keeping up with paperwork, to get the job done right, you want an experienced carrier partner that understands drayage top to bottom with a proven track record to ensure that your supply chain will stay running smoothly.



All of our trucks are maintained by our in house mechanics and are sure to operate safely on the road. All of our drivers are Class 1 professionals who value customer satisfaction.



Whether you need us to drop our chassis, you do a live unload or you need a chassis with a genset, just let us know. We add equipment to our fleet monthly to service your needs.

Our Drayage Solutions


Container Transport

We specialize in container work handling imports and exports through the Port of Montreal. We offer impeccable service to our customers, ensuring that your goods, dry or refrigerated, arrive on time and without a hitch throughout Quebec and Ontario.

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When we don't have the capacity or equipment in our fleet we will find a truck in our trusted carrier network, through our strategic partnership with Flatliner Freight, to move your goods.

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Through strategic partnerships we can store your containers for as long as you need, in a fenced, fully insured and secured yard.

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Experience and Communication

Since 1996 Flatliner Transport has been transporting goods all over Canada and the United States. Through our experience, we have found a niche in container work coming out of the Port of Montreal and CN / CP rails. We understand the value of your merchandise, and that’s why we value consistent communication. From the time we have the shipment details until you receive the POD, we  communicate to you the location and status of your container every step of the way.


Knowing where your container is, when it's there, what's happening to it, why it's happening and how it's happening is invaluable to you. We make sure to provide supreme and consistent communication giving you peace of mind from start to finish.

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Flatliner has moved over 35,000 containers in the past 20 years.  We live in the ports and rails, we know all the tricks of the trade and value customer satisfaction. This is why  we make sure you’re continuously updated by our dispatch team until your load is completed.


Our trucks all have Geotab. Anytime you need to know exactly where your container is in real-time, contact our Flatliner team and you will be provided with the exact location. A team member is available for you 24/7.

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See What Others Are
Saying About Us

XPO Logistics

“My experience with Flatliner has been great.  The service provided by you is exceptional with great communication.  Working with your staff has been a pleasure”

Aim Recyclage Quebec

“Flatliner offre à ses clients un excellent service et est supporté par une équipe très professionnelle.”

Aim Recyclage Quebec

“Nous sommes très satisfait du service de Flatliner par leur efficacité, leur  assiduité ainsi que la courtoisie, gentillesse et politesse des chauffeurs.”

Russet House

“Flatliner always gives great service, very flexible and always ready to help with all shipments that we have on hand. The communication is very great as well and always providing all pertinent information regarding anything I am requesting. I hope we continue doing great business together.”

CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions

“The service at Flatliner is awesome, they are always on time. Customer service is also on the ball, Nura, always follows up with customer that containers are on the way to pick up.  Great service and A1 customer service, I`ve been working with Flatliner the past 4 years and I have nothing bad to say about them..”

Day & Ross

“Great job Flatliner Team! Appreciate the proactive communication and updates from your dispatch team, excellent service.”

Day & Ross

“Flatliner has proven to be valued and trusted partner of Day & Ross. I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie and the team and each time their communication was proactive, professional and paired with on time service. If you are in need of capacity in the Montreal area, Flatliner is your go-to for first-rate service.”

Hitek Logistic

“First, I would like to thank you for the phenomenal service provided by your team. Very professional, accommodating and extremely communicative. With 30 years of industry experience, I’ve rarely seen this level of customer care.”


“I'd like to thank you for the hard work you do for us. Other clients as well, but you're one of the few who I see works hard and goes out of their way for their clients.”

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